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1937 Born in Elmira, New York
1952 Graduated from St. Mary's
1956  Graduated from Southside High School
1957  Joined The United States Air Force
1958  Taught himself to read
1959  Flashed out of Seoul
1959  Visited Japan
1959-61  Station at Minot Air Force Base
1961  Engaged to Barbara Kontos, Phoenix, Arizona
1964  Graduated from Corning Community College
1965  Worked in Tacoma, Washington; saw Kontos for the last time
1967  Married Jacqueline Bernard Viala
1968  Graduated from Mansfield State University
1968  Wrote "Ballad of JFK" in south of France
1970  Began teaching at Watkins Glen Middle School
1971  Received Masters Degree from Elmira College
1971  Daughter Cassandra born
1971-77  Trips to France, Africa, Ireland, Spain, England,
Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Amsterdam, Germany, and Austria
1976  Daughter Roxanne born
1978  Son Neil born
1978  Trip to St. Maartin
1978  Trip to St. Maartin and Puerto Rico
1980  Trip to St. Maartin
1980-84  Built his own home
1984  Started building sculpture garden
1985  Divorced
1990  Cassandra joins the Navy
1990  First Edition of JFK Ballad
1991  Second Edition of JFK Ballad
1993  Finished sculpture garden, three hundred pieces
1993  Third Edition of JFK Ballad
1994  Fourth Edition of JFK Ballad
1994  Roxanne joins the Navy, Cassie Honorably Discharged
1995  Fifth Edition of JFK Ballad
1995  Sixth Edition of JFK Ballad
1996  Trip to France
1996  Seventh Edition of JFK Ballad
1996  Trip to the Grand Canyon State
1996  Eighth Edition of JFK Ballad
1996  Trip to Florida
1997  Trip to Ireland
1997  Ninth Edition of JFK Ballad
1998 Tenth Edition of JFK Ballad
1998 Eleventh Edition of JFK Ballad
1998 Twelth Edition of JFK Ballad
1998  Neil joins the Navy, Roxanne Honorably Discharged
1999 Lutherie School with Kenny Hill-Healdsburg, CA
2000 First Grandson Born: Jacob Matthew Lyon
2001 Trip to Australia
2003 Second Grandson Born: Ryan Grant Timberlake
2004 Trip to Easter Island
2006 Third Grandson Born: Aaron Lyon Timberlake
2006 Grandaugther Born: Sophia Cougnenc Crider-Lyon
2006 Attend American School of Lutherie-Portland, OR
2007 Met Anna Tully
2008 Completed 500 sculptures
2009 Studied engraving with Happy Fleishman, Sebastopol, CA
2009 Visited Muir woods, Di Rosa, & Napa Valley with Cassie
2010 Visited St Lewis and Laumeier Sculpture Garden with Roxanne
2010 Visited Hearst Castle with Cassie. Started Glass Blowing School in Corning, NY
2011 Started Cane Making and Flat Glass Making
2011 Tiger Cruise on the USN carrier USS Carl Vinson, with son Neil, from HI to CA
2011 Built 600th sculpture
2011 Visited Las Vegas to see Cassie and watch Roxanne run the 11/11/11 Veteran's Day 11k race
2011 Continued advanced glass blowing courses at Corning Museum of Glass (CMOG)
2012 Took Murrine classes at CMOG
2013 Mother passes away
2014 Begins making glass pen holders with son, Neil, at CMOG
2014 Brother Ronnie Lyon died.
2015 Finished 700 sculptures
2016 Starting making contemporary glass to attach to sculptures.
2016 Completed Break the Mold course at CMOG.
2017 Started seeing the sculptor Connie Zehr.
2017 Started making blue gratitude marbles.
2018 Completed Inclusion course at CMOG
2019 Ordered first aluminum print from Bay Photo.
2023 Finished 800 sculptures.
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